Skank Family Collective & Chinquapin Records Present: A Holiday Charity Jingler

by Various

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The Skank Family Collective & Chinquapin Records Present: A Holiday Charity Jingler - 13 tracks of winter wonder that will set your hearts aflame. With six songs provided by the Chinquapin Records family and seven by the Skank Family Collective, the jingler forces the listener to question what they thought they knew about the holidays. Enter a new dimension of the "spirit" with us and be merry! All proceeds go to Austin Area Toys for Tots and to prevent hunger and homelessness in New Orleans via NOAAHH.

Chinquapin Records' contribution to the jingler was engineered entirely by champion-man Ross Farbe except for Caddywhompus' and Chris Rehm's tracks (engineered by Chris Rehm). Sun Hotel, Country Club, and Chris Rehm wrote original songs. Habitat, Native America, and Caddywhompus performed variations on holiday standards.

Skank Family Collective's contribution was self-recorded by The Sour Notes, Shakey Graves, Milezo, Little Lo and the remainder was engineered by Evan Kaspar and Riley Burgess. MarryAnn & The Revival Band, Greg Mullen and Cole Wilson wrote original songs. The Sour Notes, Shakey Graves, Milezo, and Little Lo performed variations on standard holiday jamz. Special thanks to Amarah Ulghani, Jen Rachid, Jono Foley and Talib Abdullahi.


released December 2, 2011



all rights reserved


Chinquapin Records New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Sun Hotel - B.Y.O.Cheer
every single Christmas hate disappears
i see baby jesus pourin' my beer
no offense to moses, i dig the beard
it's alright
at this party
come inside
and be merry
i wanna kiss you on your mind

joseph's on the organ pleasin' my ears
vixen's got a flask on him, he hates his career
santa's gonna snowflake again like he did last year
he got high
and left the party
a sleigh ride
sippin' bacardi
it's always Christmas D.U.I.

soon as things started gettin' slow
frosty brought his pipe to load
we got stoned on mistletoe
then scrooge he had to call the po'

and he said "dancer dasher prancer vixen, i will see you all in prison!"

party with the christians once every year
thank the holy spirit it's b.y.o. cheer
never thought i'd miss this, brings me to tears
i can't cry
infront of mary
fourth of July
got nothin' on me
it's always Christmas in my mind